Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Planning Is the First Step

If we could put a 'face' on the next disaster, then prevention and recovery would be a lot easier! Unfortunately, disasters are sudden, unexpected and unwelcome. Some we can prevent..faulty wiring, leaky plumbing, unsafe work environments but winter storms, power failures, tornados and floods cannot always be predicted. Our goal is to have a plan to do our best to prevent disasters and when faced with unavoidable disasters, prevent them from becoming catastrophes. TechPro can assist you in developing a disaster prevention/recovery program.

  • assist in identifying vital data and equipment
  • help with provisions for ongoing review and revisions
  • arrange for relocation and transportation provisions
  • arrange for emergency communications setup
  • insure backups are kept up to date and help determine guidelines for periodic transfers to off site locations
  • assist in developing company polices and IT guidelines for retention of emails with significant administrative, legal or fiscal value.

When the Unpredictable Happens

Disasters from within your company may have the same effect of crippling your flow of business. 

  • Critcal equipment failures
  • Lost data
  • Destroyed backups
  • Protection of critical business information from remote attacks
  • Internal security breaches
  • What options when a workstation harddrive with critical data fails?

 These are issues we can address quickly to start the recovery process as soon as possible.

For more information call toll-free 1-800-262-0537 or contact us now.

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Did you know…
With Remote Office Hosting TechPro takes full responsibility for keeping all network hardware and software updated and running smoothly out of our secure data center. Breath easy knowing upgrades, backups, virus protection and hosted applications are being managed automatically.

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