Voice & Data Cabling

Whether Cleaning Out your Data Closet or Starting Out New...

In today's market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of cabling required for various technologies. Rewiring your data closet can be a confusing process, full of hidden costs and unexpected downtime. TechPro’s BICSI-Certified cable professionals can restore order to your cable systems.

TechPro designs, installs, and terminates network cabling systems. We tone, tag and certify all of our work. By following industry standards, our technicians can handle your business’s cabling needs, including closets, system flow diagrams and certifications. TechPro provides a breadth of experience in:

  • Voice/Data runs
  • Cat5, Cat5E and gigaspeed
  • Fiber-optic cable and connectors
  • Building to building wireless
  • Smart-jack extension
  • Internet two-way satellite dishes


Let TechPro's experienced cabling division help you make the right choice for your networking needs. We provide comprehensive cabling documentation including system diagrams, voice and data node locations, and extensive test results.

Network Cleanup

If your wiring closets or your computer rooms are a cabling nightmare, TechPro will provide redesign and cabling services to improve your network and create a neat and clean solution. Let us upgrade your outdated cabling infrastructures and remove unnecessary cabling while providing the proper cable system management.

For more information call toll-free 1-800-262-0537 or contact us now.

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Did you know…
TechPro provides best-in-class IP Telephony Solutions. The software-based architecture is designed to integrate with your existing phone system and grow incrementally without expensive hardware upgrades. All the sophisticated features you expect and more allow businesses to work more responsively, productively and profitably.

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