Hardware & Software

TechPro uses more than 20 warehouses across the country to provide you with competitive pricing for all of your technology needs.  A TechPro dedicated sales professional is eager to help you find the best blend of products and TechPro services to maximize your budget and proficiency.  You can manage your account online with access to orders, quotes, tracking and product information.   Log in or create your account today.

As a HP Partner and a Dell Registered Partner, TechPro is able to bring your company a variety of options that represent the best of what the industry has to offer.
  • Entry level, mid-range and high performance servers
  • Multi-operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Unix)
TechPro can provide storage solutions for that are ideal for your business with customized configurations from leading brands including:
  • Plasmon
  • HDS
  • HP
  • Dell
We understand networks and have been configuring, installing and supporting them for our client for years.   Our experience allows us to match the right solution with the right environment.   We are dedicated to creating the best solution for your business and your budget.   Some of the brands that we can provide include:
  • Cisco
  • Extreme
  • 3Com
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Many others
TechPro understands the importance of keeping your data secure.   With constant threats for the outside and inside, business continuity and security can be difficult to maintain.  TechPro offers a variety of solutions from hosting offsite at TechPro’s datacenter to solutions from leading brands including:
  • Checkpoint
  • Juniper
  • Cisco
Keeping software up to date and maintaining support contracts can be difficult to manage on your own. TechPro’s sales and technical staff can help you select the best software and keep your licensing up to date from leading brands including:
  • Microsoft
  • Symantec
  • CA
  • Cisco
Vertical Telephony Solutions

TechPro can configure, sell, install and support Veritical phone systems and voice applications.  Vertical offers powerful phone systems and voice applications that grow with you. Introduce yourself to a whole new world of benefits you never dreamed possible. Learn more about vertical at www.vertical.com

TechPro is the premier partner for Zeus Technologies in the U.S.  Zeus Technology develops application traffic management software and appliances, dramatically improving network and web-enabled applications making them faster, more reliable, more secure and easy to manage. TechPro can design, sell, install and support:
  • ZXTM

To learn more about Zeus ZXTM products and services, go to www.techpro.com/zeus

Did you know…
Helpdesk Service from TechPro gives your organization quick access to highly trained and knowledgeable professionals. With our secure remote management system we can access your office computers and solve most technical problems without an on-site dispatch.

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